A few years ago, someone very close to me suggested creating a blog to document where and how I got to here.

I fluffed about with the idea for a few years, until now.  The person that suggest it, passed away a few years go, and there is a part of me that missed her presence in my life constantly.  That said, the world gives two options after losing the person –  it can knock you for a small while, but then you have to try to do your best by them, even after a big piece of your heart is gone, so here it is – finally putting pen to paper virtually.

The idea behind this blog is to document how I deal on a daily basis with the ins and outs of a disease no one sees for what it is, a lifelong illness that has no known cure.

Living with the ‘oh you look good’ when you feel like the inside of you is about to explode, when you are asked ‘how are you doing’ and you want to give an honest answer, but you know no one will get it because you don’t look like you have a thing wrong with you.  

So here we go – Irish Rheumatoid Warrior is born and ready to talk!

This blog isn’t going to be all one big bed of roses, because life is not like that for ANYONE!  It is my true, honest way of dealing with this illness, pimples and all!