Tablets, when is enough…

I was speking with an Endocrinologist last week, not that I was made aware of the appointment by the organiser, but I went none the less, directly after an infusion.

If you don’t know the role of an endo – he’s the hormone, thyroid guy… they like everything to be ‘level’…

During the consultation, on more than one occassion, he rudely took phone calls, sent texts, emails and all the other things a mobile can do… none related to me, or why I was there, or who – in their wisdom decided I needed to be there.

After an infusion, I want sleep… not alone is it a two hour drive up and a two hour drive home, but its a two hour job too… and that drive zaps me.  It also does funny stuff to my head, so all I want is peace and quiet – not 20 questions.

Here is how the meeting went.  I showed up early, as I always do… was seen quickly… in between his ‘personal’ calls, he decided he needed more bloods.  I get them done monthly – like clock work in the infusion suite which I made a point of, apparently, despite them covering all my blood work needs, ‘they aren’t sufficient’.  so it wasn’t enough to be pricked, poked and prodded that morning, the same happened that evening – mind boggling…

He mentioned that I should be taking ‘x, y, z’ in tablets, (and this is where my inner screaming child wanted to roar), I looked at him, I said he could put them where the sun doesn’t shine, told him in six and a half years, I have taken (on medical advice) the bones of 50,000 tablets, that it was a heck of a road to get to tablet free bar the odd pain killer and walked out.

Call me crazy, but if you have fought hard to get to a 98% pain free state – tablets aren’t the answer.  I agreed to taking the infusion montly via IV to cut out the 25 to 30 tablets a day the had perscribed to me.  To cut the feeling of being sucidial – all because when you are taking that many tablets a day, when you are practically begging for your body to say ‘heres the off switch, press it and it will all end’ switch, than tablets aren’t the answer.

The point behind this blog post is, I have spoken to several people over the course of being online with iRAW, and they are or have been stuck in the rut I was in… here’s a tablet for this, this one with counteract the side effects of x and y, and here’s three more to counteract z… call it a vicious circle, or big pharma, but at somepoint, it’s time to say back off dude before I say something I regret…

The only one in charge of your health – is you! If you have reached a point, as I did, where you have had enough of tablets, enough of this one for that one, enough of feeling like shite warmed up, or as I often did, death warmed up… rethink what you are doing.

Septacemia almost took me last year, and it was my wake up call… one world, one promise – make that promise a better you!

sick of it… why cant drivers pay attention

as some of you know, sometime before christmas, I was involved in a car accident.  Through no fault of my own, my car was written off and I went from being in remission and off all medication, to being back on medication and going insan from pain.


I love driving, is the one form of independance I never want to be without.  However, with the last few months, or probably longer, it is like people are forgetting that they are driving a killing amchine.

Think about it, how many times have you seen people not indicating, over taking cars when they are dangerously close to a bend, or when they have absolutely no way of knowing if something is coming… I am dubbing it idiot syndrome.

Yesterday was National slow down day in Ireland, and despite being on the road all day, I never once met a police officer, traffic van or anything of that kind.

Why is it so hard for people to slow down, use signals, and do not get me started on roundabouts…