When fatigue hits…

I’ve felt this coming with the last week or so, but like most areas of this illness, I try to deny it exists, pushing myself past what is really going on.  It is something I struggle with because even though I have accepted it is never going to have a cure in my lifetime, it on days like today shouldn’t overwhelm me like it does.

I woke at nine am, feeling weary for want of a better word.  Every now and again after an infusion I can fell like this anyway, but today is different.  Today I couldn’t resist the urge to sleep, and slept for 20+ hours solid.  I woke about five pm, not even sure if I wanted to get out of bed, but did – stiff, tried and sore.  I sit here, wireless keyboard on-hand propped by cushions,

All I can think of is – if you are going to get an illness, get one that will give you some awesome days where no one could stop you but you!  Here is to a better day tmw!