Why a friend, a real friend is important

Six years ago, if you told me I woul lose all my friends just because i got an illness with no cure, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Going to school, I was the kid who was a nerd, who was more interested in keeping their head down and getting on with the job at hand.  University was no different apart from being the class rep for six years straight in two different colleges.

Today, working for myself is no different.  I aamn’t bothered by people’s opinions.  I’ve learned who my real friends are, and the last few weeks, and the last few years have dwindled them down to a handful.  In life, I think it’s quality over quantity everyday of the week.

But having that one or two that you can talk to, who have your back, who you love without question and would move mountains for is all you really need.  I think they will never understand completely how much their friendship means, but  you do, and you can remind them that they are important in your life, and it’s important to yourself that ou remind them now and again that their friendship means the world to you, because they days you feel down, or they feel down, you can pick each other up without question, without judgement and without having to plead for a person to talk to.

Christmas was hard this year for me, because losing my independance to a car crash, meant I had become all but house bound.  Having. Friend the other end of the phone got me out of a dark place I don’t think she knew I was in, but the odd text, or call to say how’re you doing? Was enough to get me out of the bed, so when you are diagnosised and I’ve seen it several times through my instagram network, be prepared to let the losers go, let the good ones stay, and never take their friendship for granted.  Being diagnosed means ou wil have to grieve for who you were, what you had and come to terms with not having a cure, knowing the name of the disease you acquired through no fault of your own means you have enough to deal with.  So find your tribe nad love them unconditionally!

The forum

This is a big weekend, on the 27th, it will mark six years since I was diagnosed. Six years since I woke up and couldn’t get up.  The most frightening day of my life.  able bodied to unable to move…

So, to mark that, I am spending this weekend working on the forum only!  I usage a doctor who’s willing to sit and see what else can be added, edited, or deleted, than I jus there to add a security cert and make the forum end viewable to members only and it’s good to go.

My fears, I guess are like all social media operators, what will happen when it goes live?  Will it be successful, will it be useful, can I get more medical professionals on the site?  Will people use it… it’s a continuous stream of questions.  A bit like a toddler who just learned to speak and keeps asking that infamous question – WHY?!..

So, please direct message me, email me (on my work email – see codestack.ie) about what you would like on the site, if you have a stuff you would like to add to the site, if you would like to admin on it, if you want a health section perhaps, etc… it’s endless but all feedback and ideas are gratefully accepted.